Regional Coalitions

Regional Coalitions are located throughout the state and draw upon the resources of individuals and organizations to improve the quality of life for elders living in Illinois.


Their mission of improving the life for elders is accomplished through the provision of educational programs that support engagement with providers, family members, regulators, and elders. Throughout the state, Regional Coalitions host panel discussions, lectures, roundtables, symposiums, conferences, and seminars which offer the latest information and innovations in culture change practices. These events promote the sharing of best practices to help those serving the elders of IL in their culture change journey.


Although independent, all of the Regional Coalitions have support from a strong champion organization. Many of the coalitions are supported by the Illinois Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, or as an initiative of an Area Agency on Aging. Others have close ties with a nursing home or with another advocacy group, such as The Alzheimer Association. These champions provide a range of assistance from clerical support, to providing a space to meet, to seeking out educational speakers.


Regional Coalitions are an important component of the Illinois Pioneer Coalition in the overall effort to improve the quality of care and life for elders. It is through this support that local communities come together across the state to share and support each other with their culture change initiatives.  

Map of State Regionals Pioneer Coalitions

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Regional Coalitions List

Following is a list of Regional Pioneer Culture Change Coalitions. Be sure to contact the coalition in your area for more information and become a part of their activities!

Area 1: Northwestern Illinois Regional Pioneer Coalition- Rockford Area

Cathy Weightman-Moore, Regional Ombudsman

Area 2: West Suburban Illinois Pioneer Coalition

Glenda Love

Area 2/5:  Northeastern Illinois Pioneer Coalition – Kankakee Co

Cindy DeGroot 

Area 3/6: Moline, Quincy, Royal Oaks-Kewanee & Marigold – Galesburg – Adams Co

Jennifer Glakin, Regional Ombudsman

Stephan Maxwell, Regional Ombudsmen

Area 8: Belleville – Southwestern Illinois Pioneer Coalition

Christina Sellers, Program Compliance Specialist

Area 9: Salem – Midland Pioneer Coalition – Marion County

Tammy Bitner, Director of Consultation Services

Area 10: Southeastern Illinois Agency on Aging – Wabash Co.

Sheri Wood, Field Supervisor, SEIAOA

Darla Gray, Regional Ombudsman

Area 11:  Carterville – Southern Illinois Pioneer Coalition – Williamson Co

Rindi Reeves, Field Coordinator

Peoria Area Regional Coalition

Lee Moriarty

Lake County Regional Coalition – Lake County 

Lee Moriarty

Area 12/13: Chicagoland Coalition – Cook County

Bernard Cobbins, Jr.

Audrey Thompson

Lee Moriarty