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The Artifacts of Culture Change

The CMS Artifacts of Culture Change is a tool for providers to assess readiness, implementation, and sustainability of person-directed care. The Artifacts of Culture Change tool fills the purpose of collecting the major concrete changes homes have made to care and workplace practices, policies, and schedules, increased resident autonomy, and improved environment. It results from a study of what providers and researchers have deemed significant things that are changed and are different in a culture changing homes compared to other homes. The tool was developed by Carmen S. Bowman, the owner of the culture change consulting business, Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change in LTC  and Karen Schoeneman, Deputy Director of the CMS Division of Nursing Homes.
The Artifacts is one of the several tools available to assess culture change transformations. The Development of the Artifacts of Culture Change Tool (click here to download) lists other assessment methods (pg. 5), describes the development of the Artifacts, and provides additional helpful information to support the use of the tool. The full Artifacts tool is available in Appendix A of the Development document.

All About Me Life History Questions

This document will help you to get to know your Elder’s preferences.

Helpful Websites

Below is a listing of websites that you may find helpful. Each is full of information about culture change issues and will provide you with more contacts and more sources for seeking information.
How to Choose a Nursing Home
National Nursing Home 
LANE – Local Area Networks for Excellence
Advancing Excellence in Nursing Homes
Pioneer Network
The home page of the Pioneer Network full of helpful resources and information on Pioneering approaches.
Eden Alternative
The Eden Alternative home page. Full of resources, Eden contacts, fresh ideas and access to training materials.
Mather Lifeways 
Illinois Council on Long Term Care
Illinois Health Care Association
Leading Age – Illinois
IL Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
Alzheimer’s Association
Area Agencies On Aging
Illinois Department of Public Health
Illinois Department on Aging
The Green House Project
Institute for Caregiver Education
Paraprofessional Healthcare Initiatives 
Action Pact