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Illinois Pioneer Coalition honors Illinois Culture Change Champion of the Year – 11/6/2015

Angela was born and raised in Southern Illinois. She graduated nursing school in 1997 and started employment at Daystar Care Center, and 83 skilled nursing facility.  Shortly after that Angela took a position at Community Health & Emergency Services.  In 2006 Community Health acquired Daystar Care Center and became the Administrator and started implementing culture change practices in 2007. In 2013 Angela was appointed the Administrator of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Home in Anna.
Nominated for this award by her staff and residents, Angela is being credited with changing the dining experience for the veterans and offering them more choices in their routines and care. She encourages staff to create an environment more like home and less like an institution. Angela’s staff states that she has an ample amount of training, oversight, compassion, empathy, and professionalism when dealing with her daily responsibilities surrounded with the implementation of culture change and the love she has for elders.
Angela’s love and compassion is shared amongst many senior communities and elder care organizations. Being an advocate for this change in long-term care culture and her positive energy infusing the staff and residents of the Veteran’s Home in Anna, Il, makes her the perfect award recipient for the Culture Change Champion Award.

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