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We believe the principles, practices and philosophies of culture change are the tools that can transform the culture in which we care for our elders and the disabled, to one that is life affirming, satisfying and meaningful. The Illinois Pioneer Coalition was organized to provide long term care settings with the education and tools needed to effect deep culture change, thereby transforming long term care settings into real homes and improving the quality of life for individuals and staff in various settings throughout Illinois. The education provided shall be based on the philosophy, practices, and principles of person-centered and person-directed care designed to improve quality of life for elders and persons with disabilities in our society.

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This workshop will be presented by Sue Ann Guildermann from Empira! Join us for this very popular workshop on June 21 (in Maryville), June 22 (in Glen Ellyn) or June 23 (in Mt. Morris).  Earn 6 CEU's for Nurses, Social Workers, Physical Therapists and LNHA. Lunch provided!  Visit our Events page for more information and to register. 

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2015 Illinois Culture Change Champion of the Year

At the 2015 Summit, Angela Simmons was named Illinois Pioneer Coalition’s Illinois Culture Change Champion Award. Her commitment to the mission, vision and efforts to change the lives of elders in long-term care has made her the ideal recipient for this award. Angela is the Administrator at the Illinois Veteran’s Home in Anna, IL.

Angela was born and raised in Southern Illinois. She graduated nursing school in 1997 and started employment at Daystar Care Center, an 83 skilled nursing facility.  Shortly after that Angela took a position at Community Health & Emergency Services.  In 2006 Community Health acquired Daystar Care Center and became the Administrator and started implementing culture change practices in 2007. In 2013 Angela was appointed the Administrator of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Home in Anna.

Nominated for this award by her staff and residents, Angela is being credited with changing the dining experience for the veterans and offering them more choices in their routines and care. She encourages staff to create an environment more like home and less like an institution. Angela’s staff states that she has an ample amount of training, oversight, compassion, empathy, and professionalism when dealing with her daily responsibilities surrounded with the implementation of culture change and the love she has for elders.

Angela’s love and compassion is shared amongst many senior communities and elder care organizations. Being an advocate for this change in long-term care culture and her positive energy infusing the staff and residents of the Veteran’s Home in Anna, Il, makes her the perfect award recipient for the Culture Change Champion Award.

How to Choose a Nursing Home

What happens to your aging vision if something happens to you or your loved one that requires more care then you can give at home? No one wants to go into a Nursing Home but many times this becomes our only option.

When a decision has to be made, there is a lot to know, and that means understanding a lot more than just what Nursing Home Ratings will tell you. The reason is that Nursing Home Ratings will just give you information on how a nursing home meets the bare minimum standards of the physical facility, but tells you almost nothing about the actual care that is provided for your loved ones. Instead of just having some nursing home ratings to look at and try to decipher, what you really need is a brief, step-by-step guide to show you how to choose a nursing home.

Click here to download, for FREE, a guide that will help you understand How to Choose a Nursing Home.

Our free book, entitled "Your Way, How to Find Dignity and Choice in a Nursing Home" will quickly outline for you all that you need to know about how to choose a nursing home.  There is an explanation of how nursing homes were created and how they operate. There are checklists and questionnaires for you to use to call a nursing home and to take with you on a visit so that you are confident that you know how to choose a nursing home. This book is also perfect to help you find the best long term care facility as well.

Don't think that you need this information?  Well, 2010 statistics show that 6 out of 7 people age 65 and over will live in a Nursing Home at some point in their life. That means that all seniors will be affected, directly or indirectly, by the need for nursing home / long term care. That is why it is so critical that every senior and even every Baby Boomer understands the basics about how to choose a nursing home.

The statistics show that the chances are that you or one of your loved ones will be one of these individuals needing Nursing Home care. With this being said, how do you make this important life choice? How can you make sure that personal needs are met and that quality care is provided? It is your right to get the care you deserve and have continued quality of life even though you are sick and needing nursing care.

When the time comes to know how to choose a nursing home, many people will turn to the Nursing Home Ratings, hoping that they will glean enough information to make the right choice. Unfortunately, nursing home ratings show only how the nursing home performed against some very basic standards.

The purpose of the "Your Way" Consumer Education Project is to help "uncomplicate" the process by educating the potential Nursing Home consumer. We  provide information on what questions to ask and what to look for when making this important life decision.

Remember, this consumer we are talking about is YOU – it is all of us!

Click Here to download the "YOUR WAY" Booklet for free and learn How to Choose a Nursing Home.


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